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Eric Frisch – “Head Up in the Clouds”

May 29, 2018
Eric Frisch’s catchy and heartfelt indie-pop has been featured several times in the past, the NYC by way of Toronto artist continuing to blend classic pop influences with a modern take steeped in keys and guitar. “Why did it take me my whole life to figure out what I want?” he asks multip...

Eric Frisch – “As Long As I’m Alive” 

June 19, 2017
d a number of Eric Frisch tracks in the past, the NYC-based singer/songwriter’s newest entry “As Long As I’m Alive” continues his familiar, piano-driven pop sensibilities. This particular effort reminds fondly of Matthew Sweet, and his similar affinity for vintage pop music that rec...

Eric Frisch – “Drift Away”

February 2, 2017
We’ve featured Eric Frisch in years past, on tracks like ’50s/’60s pop homage “Pretty Girls” and fairly recently with surf-rock/AM-radio gem “The Light Ahead“. He’s shown a tendency for catchy and understated nostalgic pop both times, and once again on new tr...

Erich Frisch – “The Light Ahead”

November 29, 2016
Eric Frisch caught my ear two years ago with the warmly infectious track “Pretty Girls“, which reminded of homages to ’50s/’60s pop in the surf-rock and AM-radio vein. That year’s album release, Goodbye Birdcage, provded ideal for hazy summertime listening. New single “The Light Ahe...

Eric Frisch – “Pretty Girls”

June 2, 2014
Eric Frisch has a sound that’s easy to love. It’s wrapped in nostalgia that often provides warming memories — care-free summer vacations, new love, sunny days — as is relatively typical of homages to ’50s/’60s pop in the surf-rock and AM-radio vein. The NYC-based singer/...

MP3: Candy Empire – “Langour”

April 25, 2012
"Langour" is a sultry track from Candy Empire, an Estonian four-piece that recall the raucous garage-rock sound of The White Stripes with a darkly brooding Brit-pop emphasis. As for the latter, predominantly featuring genre, comparisons to Black Box Recorder and Justine Frischmann (Elastica) are rampant th...

Kammerflimmer Kollektief

March 12, 2010
Throw some Wu-Tang, an orchestra, and Euro-pop into a blender. It would probably taste sour since the differences in expectations surrounding tempo and instrumentation between the ingredients are evident. Kammerflimmer Kollektief have found a recipe for success though, mainly in their ability to prioritize...

The Pleasure of Fred Ball

March 6, 2007
As many of us have learned, reputation can be a vital benefactor in assisting one’s career. So, how did a 25-year old from Norway who has never released an album in his life get gracious assistance from the likes of Justine Frischmann (Elastica), Brett Anderson (Suede, The Tears), Cerys Matthews (Cat...