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Owen Duff – ‘bed’

December 23, 2022
Captivating over the past couple years with tracks like “Genet on Uranus (the Story of Us)” and “One Word,” London-based artist Owen Duff delights with his chamber-pop sound throughout the full-length, bed, touting a rich emotive expanse of love and loss. “All of the songs are...

Owen Duff – “One Word”

May 28, 2021
Further excellent songwriting from Owen Duff, “One Word” charms with a vibrant array of smooth brass and shimmering strings, pairing nicely with Duff’s serene yet melodically invigorating vocal showing. Among Duff’s more expansive productions thus far, following a variety of more fo...

Owen Duff – “The One for Me You Are”

February 12, 2021
The One for Me You Are by Owen Duff The latest charmer from Owen Duff, “The One for Me You Are” breezily touts chamber-pop and folk aesthetics. Flourishing orchestral components glide majestically amidst Duff’s serene vocal pull and elegant piano backing. A striking bridge, approaching th...

Owen Duff – “Genet on Uranus (the Story of Us)”

October 8, 2020
A beautiful new track from Owen Duff, “Genet on Uranus (the Story of Us)” features an evolving chamber-pop production alongside lushly entrancing vocals. This and previously featured tracks from Owen Duff, like “Flawed Men” and Julia“, show a consuming sound with a uniquely im...

Owen Duff – “Dalston Crazy” + “Julia”

November 14, 2018
Owen Duff just released two previously unreleased tracks from his new album Witches: “Dalston Crazy” and “Julia.” The London-based singer/songwriter impressed already with “You Amaze Me” and “Flawed Men” in recent months, and with these two new efforts contin...

Owen Duff – “Flawed Men”

October 18, 2018
The gorgeous “Flawed Men” is a just-released track from Owen Duff, the London-based singer/songwriter who impressed previously with the track “You Amaze Me.” “Flawed Men” is a greater showcase of Duff’s stunning, sonorous vocals and a more focused lyrical theme, wh...

Owen Duff – “You Amaze Me”

September 5, 2018
“You Amaze Me” is a delightful piece of indie-pop from Owen Duff, a showcase of melodically soaring vocals and chamber-pop inclinations. Somewhere between Jens Lekman’s hook-y charm, Jellyfish’s power-pop effervescence, and Andrew Bird’s expansive vein of songwriting, Owen Duf...

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