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Stray Fossa – “Hypocritic,” “Something Sound,” + “Much For Us,”

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze
May 4, 2021
Virginia-based project Stray Fossa have impressed the past several years with an abundance of quality tracks, showing a dreamy, hooky sound that I’ve often compared to Wild Nothing. Finally, Stray Fossa have released their debut LP, With You For Ever. Its ten tracks remind me why I’ve been enam...

Stray Fossa – “How Come?”

February 5, 2021
Lush, jangly charm is evident throughout “How Come?” — the latest from Stray Fossa. The band has impressed with multiple singles over the years. As such, I’m strongly anticipating the Virginia-based band’s debut full-length album, due in April. “How Come?” is the a...

Stray Fossa – “For What Was”

July 10, 2020
Stray Fossa impress with the “For What Was,” a bouncier and more uptempo success compared to past efforts like “These Days” and “Are You Gonna Be Okay.” The Charlottesville, VA-based band’s latest single pursues a more psych-tinged vein of bursting rock, compared t...

Stray Fossa – “Are You Gonna Be Okay”

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze
January 14, 2020
“Are You Gonna Be Okay” continues an impressive string of releases from Stray Fossa, the Charlottesville, VA act that impressed with tracks “Eyze” and “These Days” last year. Evident again is a sound that compares favorably to Wild Nothing, with nocturnal synths and lush...

Stray Fossa – “These Days”

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze
August 5, 2019
The dreamy, jangly “These Days” is the latest success from Stray Fossa, the Charlottesville, VA act that impressed with past tracks “Sleeper Strip” and “Eyze.” Aesthetically recalling a cross between Wild Nothing and Real Estate, “These Days” is the second si...

Stray Fossa – “Eyze”

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze
July 5, 2019
Charlottesville, VA act Stray Fossa impressed this past September with their eponymous debut EP. Their hypnotic, dream-pop tendencies continue on new track “Eyze,” where glistening guitars ride over a resonating bass line. The effort’s mid-section features some strikingly melodic guitar w...

Premiere: Stray Fossa – “Sleeper Strip”

September 14, 2018
Sleeper Strip by Stray Fossa Crafting their own take on garage-pop and indie-rock, Charlottesville, VA act Stray Fossa have a debut EP out called Sleeper Strip. Its three tracks showcase a nocturnal vein of rock with strong melodic elements, from the key-laden development of dream-pop into rock shown on cl...