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Quiet Sonia – ‘Wild and Bitter Fruits’ EP

Wild and Bitter Fruits is a newly released EP from Quiet Sonia, a Copenhagen-based project releasing on Danish indie label Pink Cotton Candy. The seven-piece project is fronted by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Nikolaj Bruus...
Instrumental Rock

The Glass Pavilion – “Signs & Wonders”

When the Blazing Sun is Gone by The Glass Pavilion Presenting a gentle yet emotive instrumental rock sound, When the Blazing Sun is Gone is a new album from Leeds-based artist The Glass Pavilion. The tracks have a tendency to u...


The Color of Cyan – “Little Stars”

Agape by The Color of Cyan Chicago-based post-rockers The Color of Cyan craft a chilly, atmospheric sound throughout their new full-length, Agape. Inspired by bands like Sigur Rós and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the release em...

Hunter Ellis – “Be There Now”

Face Tapes EP by Hunter Ellis The engrossing “Be There Now” is a new track from Hunter Ellis, who creates from his small studio in Northern California. Flickering guitar twangs unfold enjoyably into a stirring sound...


The Basement Paintings – “Instinct”

Antipodes by The Basement Paintings Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is the band The Basement Paintings, whose new full-length Antipodes captures the band’s epic blend of ambient, post-punk, and post-rock tendencies. ...