New Tracks

MP3/Video: Black Manila – “Fiasco”

London-based Black Manila cite hardcore early garage, specifically The Pretty Things, as a major influence, but "Fiasco" touches on ferocious art-rock and sneering punk as well. Over repetitively hypnotic guitar strums, nasally

MP3: Candy Empire – “Langour”

"Langour" is a sultry track from Candy Empire, an Estonian four-piece that recall the raucous garage-rock sound of The White Stripes with a darkly brooding Brit-pop emphasis. As for the latter, predominantly featuring

Stream: Los Encantados

Los Encantados are a rising Brooklyn-based six-piece with a knack for throwback, summer-friendly rockers. They incorporate their love of surf-rock and throwback pop like Jonathan Richman or Little Joy, who recall the

MP3: The Sons – “Scientists”

"Scientists" is a crisp folk-pop track from The Sons, a five-piece from Derby, UK. They've been around since 1994, when Paul Herron met Ken Reeves at the University of Derby, and they've

Video: Of Montreal – “Spiteful Intervention”

Of Montreal dropped the music video for “Spiteful Intervention”, which makes viewers feel as if they dropped some acid. Here, we see frontman Kevin Barnes, but not before a pulsating blob of autumnal colors

Stream: Sulpher – “Threw It All Away”

Rob Holliday has performed with names as big as The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, and Gary Numan, and despite this his head is still screwed on (pretty) tightly. In 2012, Sulpher will release their first material since

MP3s: endoflevelbaddie

endoflevelbaddie make game changin’, genre-crossing electronic music with elements of 8-bit electronica and credible hip-hop packed tightly within. This is interesting stuff that takes Kingston-Upon-Hull’s sound out of the gutter and (near enough) into the stars.

MP3s: The Underground Man

In real life, The Underground Man licenses music to independent films and TV, though by the charming acoustic pop of "Hey Love" you'd assume he writes commercial jingles too. It's a concisely

New Albums

Carey Clayton – ‘Headless’

Los Angeles-based artist Carey Clayton embraces a gorgeous, textured pop and rock intertwining on the new album Headless. Frequently hypnotic in its layered production


Luga – ‘Become’ EP

The Become EP showcases the blissfully atmospheric sound of Luga. The project of Brighton, UK-based artist Lewis Broad-Ashman impresses with a sound