New Tracks

MP3: Marissa Nadler – “Apostle”

Marissa Nadler unveiled another track off her upcoming album The Sister, out later this month on the 29th. "Apostle" is haunting and ethereal, like much of her work, and serves as a

MP3s: Kids

Kids is the indie-electronica  project of Stuart DeRouen and Devon Rea, who combine crisp funk and jazz-infused guitar leads with a lush electronic ambience.

MP3: Paris – “Say It”

Swedish rockers Paris mix elements of '80s rock and synth-pop with a modern indie-rock flair.They've been around for a decade now and continue to refine their sound, which sits at a crossroads between

Stream: The Manic Shine

The Manic Shine’s seemingly effortless amalgamation of deep guitars, enveloping progressive drums and anthemic vocals will appeal to fans of everything from Counting Crows (check the sky-rocketing melodies) to A Perfect Circle (enjoy the balance

Stream: Mojo Fury

Northern Irish rockers Mojo Fury are doing some pretty cool stuff at the moment, and they’re just about to tour and have some new material on the way. So, what’s the general buzz about this

MP3: Trails And Ways – “Tereza”

Trails And Ways pursue an aggressive style of dream-pop, with alt-rock and industrial post-punk tendencies arising in much of their material, including on new track "Tereza".

Stream: Karoline Hausted – “Tiffany”

"Tiffany" is an absolutely gorgeous track from Danish songwriter Karoline Hausted. A talented pianist since age 6, her incorporation of keys - from the gentle wavering organ on "Tiffany" to the grand piano

New Albums

Carey Clayton – ‘Headless’

Los Angeles-based artist Carey Clayton embraces a gorgeous, textured pop and rock intertwining on the new album Headless. Frequently hypnotic in its layered production


Luga – ‘Become’ EP

The Become EP showcases the blissfully atmospheric sound of Luga. The project of Brighton, UK-based artist Lewis Broad-Ashman impresses with a sound