New Tracks

shy-c – “Hooligan”

Throbbing bass and breezy windchime-y looping make for an inviting beginning to shy-c’s new track “Hooligan”, released this past week. Percussive additions around the 00:40 mark do well in bringing listeners to

Orchid Mantis – “Porch Song”

“Porch Song” is the first single from Orchid Mantis’ new album Yellow House, which releases on November 11th via Slovakian lo-fi bedroom-pop cassette label Z Tapes. The project of Atlanta songwriter Thomas

Shai Nowell – “Sunkissed” (feat. Nai Br.xx)

“Sunkissed”, a new track from Shai Nowell, begins with a thumping bass, with suave vocals – from both vocalists – showing excellent melodic form in the verses. The transition around the one-minute

Desert Moons – “Come Over”

Desert Moons is a brotherly duo comprised of Jake and Simon Dobson, who have been playing music together since a young age, and later as session musicians in studio and live. Desert

Don Dellpiero – “Living the Dream”

Swedish Synthwave producer Don Dellpiero just released his fourth full-length album, Time Travel. If you enjoyed the sounds of previously featured track “Journey Through Time and Space” – featuring bright synth arpeggios,

The Derevolutions – “Research Cognitivity”

Longtime Obscure Sound favorite The Derevolutions just put out a new track, “Research Cognitivity”, that continues the project’s penchant for bursting hooks. Guitar strums, whistling, and anthemic multi-layered vocal escalation comprise a

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New Albums

Thistle Sifter – ‘Circles’

Serene post-rock guitar work and spacey synth ambience converge on Circles, an alluring new album from Thistle Sifter. The project represents the