New Tracks

J Bengoy – “Reprise (Marthasville)”

The brightly infectious “So Good (I Could Die)” turned me onto J Bengoy this past May, showcasing a fun-loving twang reminiscent of Wilco and Beulah. The act – based out of Burlington,

LocalBlac – “HOV”

LocalBlac is the captivating hip-hop vehicle of Los Angeles-based Travon D. Bryant, who previously released under the name Blac Negus. Stylistically, his fantastic new track “HOV” reminds of the soundscape on the

John McCabe – “Too Late”

Crunchy guitars lend an immediately nostalgic, alternative-rock vibe on John McCabe’s new track “Too Late”, released as part of his Flower Circle EP and recorded, mixed, and produced by John Kimbrough in

Monsell – “Create or Destroy” + “Silent Banshee”

Coulter Monsell is a multi-instrumentalist capable of stirring soundscapes and rich melodic development. His debut album, Create or Destroy, features a variety of tracks that meld his multi-instrumental prowess with an emotional

Miriam Tamar – “Who We” (Morsy Remix)

Los Angeles-based artist Miriam Tamar has teamed up with producer Morsy for a captivating take on her two tracks “Who We” and “Firedance”, with Morsy’s expanding the tracks’ stylistic range into a

Old Red – “Catalonia Weekend”

“Catalonia Weekend” is a gripping new track from Old Red, a project formed by previously featured Dashel Hammerstein, who impressed with the tracks “Down Down Boy” and “I Should Know Better By

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New Albums

Rupert Cox – ‘Search Party’

London-based artist Rupert Cox consumes on his debut album Search Party, melding elements of folk, jazz, and dance with eclectic appeal. “I


David Taro – ‘This Is Not The End’

Captivating previously with singles “Judy” and “The Answer,” South London-based artist David Taro further displays his gripping songwriting across newly released full-length


Vamoosery – ‘Moving Forward’

Hailing from Coventry, UK, female-fronted alt-rockers Vamoosery compel with a range of inspirational, expressive successes on their new album Moving Forward. Raucous