New Tracks

Elliott Pack – “Gone Too Far”

“Gone Too Far” is a new track from Los Angeles-based Elliott Pack. The track assumes an engaging vein of lo-fi rock, with a standalone guitar progression and minimal percussive backing accompanying melodic

Jared Weiss – “Isolated Thunderstorms”

The opening track off Jared Weiss’ new full-length of the same name, “Isolated Thunderstorms” is a rousing rocker that succeeds in its fervent, timeless sound. The NYC-based Weiss does well with a

Mike Green – “Restart”

Mike Green is back with another stellar track, this time the yearning “Restart”. The track grows from mellow verses into a soaring chorus. The lyrics do well in depicting the second-guessing that

Some Gifts – “Millennial Discontent”

One-third of Los Angeles trio Some Gifts, Vic Lazar, describes their new track “Millennial Discontent” as “a fierce, fresh, heavy anthem about political awareness in an age of distraction.” Written two years

Gum Soul – “Sour”

Based in Bath/Bristol, Gum Soul are a new act reminiscent of Ty Segall, Matthew Good, The Killers, and other rockers with anthemic, stadium-sized tendencies — in addition to their knacks for easily

Sunbather – “Old Soul”

Sunbather describes his new track “Old Soul” as “my dreamy/shoegazey version of an EDM/dance song.” He further explains: “I wanted to create a dance song that incorporates my love of electronic music

Blood Tigers – “Ghost of the Past”

Blood Tigers’ just-released EP Outer Space Dream is a successful trip into spacey, hook-y pop with both guitar and synth-laden elements. It’s another success for the project of Brooklyn-based visual artist and

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