New Tracks

Cecilia Ebba – “Little Things”

Cecilia Ebba is a Swedish-born artist presently living in Copenhagen, where she is churning out gems like “Little Things”, a soft and lush slice of understated folk-pop, with the vocals projecting a

CRÈME – “Deed”

CRÈME, the exciting project of Trixie Reiss (former The Crystal Method collaborator), released a new track today, “Deed”, that showcases her ability to craft engaging soundscapes, colorful melodies, and hypnotic hooks. Crystal

Ashley Koett – “Bye Bye Baby”

“Bye Bye Baby” washes in like a hazy daydream with slacker-rock guitar chords reminiscent of Mac Demarco’s meandering soundscapes. Ashley Koett’s clear and striking vocals amble along meditative melodies with lyrics drenched

Scotch Mist – “Surfside”

Scotch Mist’s new track “Surfside” shows the group’s moodier, more atmospheric side, comparative to the twangy guitar-leading “Big Red Button” last summer. The track’s saxophone playing is fantastic, evolving from haunting organs

Asian Fred – “W.P.”

“W.P.” is a new single from Asian Fred, the music project of Tucson-based Fred Huang. The track comes via his upcoming debut EP. Huang notes that his experiences of culture and racial

Étoimoi – “Breed”

“Breed” is an ethereal and immersive new track from Spanish duo Étoimoi, who are releasing their first LP with the Spanish label Discos FUP. The excellent “Breed” features the vocals of Johanna

The Tins – “Sundried Mind”

Binghamton-based act The Tins impressed in January with the peppy success “Clearly Not Zen“, reminding of a huskier vein of The Shins on that one. Their new track, “Sundried Mind”, shows more

Kinisi – “Weird Mannerisms Pt. 1”

Kinisi, the project of Atlanta native Speros Kokenes, incorporates a “first true love” (guitar) with a talent for electronic production that’s savvy on warped samples and hazy textures. New track “Weird Mannerisms

New Albums

wellthen – ‘The demo EP’

Chicago-based act wellthen preview their upcoming full-length with The demo EP, representing the project’s first release as a duo — following two


MothBreath – ‘mothbreath’

Somerset, UK-based band MothBreath unveil a fantastic dream-pop, shoegaze, and rock intertwining on their eponymous new album. Shades of Cocteau Twins and