New Tracks

American High – “Cheye Calvo”

Based out of Sacramento, California, American High channel punk and ’60s rock influences in their fun and catchy sound. Their melodies tend to be catchy and vibrant, though often accompanied by lyrical

FayRoy – “Stuck in the Yard”

Oh no, oh man by FayRoy “Stuck in the Yard” is the closing track on FayRoy’s new album Oh no, oh man, released this past Friday. Based out of Indian Rocks Beach,

Lavender Blush – “My Pal K”

Lavender Blush are a noise-pop act from San Francisco, who embrace “home recording, atmospherics, and analog warmth,” within a sound steeped in shoegaze and post-punk elements. My Bloody Valentine’s influence is evident

Breakers – “Figure to Ground”

Rewrite by Breakers On their new album Rewrite, Breakers show a hook-y sound influenced by New York indie-rock in the vein of The Strokes, with shades of Interpol’s rhythmic post-punk fervor. “Figure

Asian Fred – ‘Super No. 1’ EP

Super No. 1 is a great new indie-rock EP from Asian Fred, one of the most consistent releases in the rock genre this far. Fred Huang’s project – which incorporates a timeless

Salty Springs – “Cucknite”

“Cucknite” is an atmospheric new track from Portland, OR act Salty Springs, released today. Fit for studying, night-driving, or gaming (the track is designed to fit well for the character emotes in

The Colonies – “Her Hands Are So Cold”

? Washington, D.C. indie-rock act The Colonies impress again with “Her Hands Are So Cold”, released this summer alongside the previously featured “Bound to Be Something Good“. This track’s “queen of the

Edward Glen – “Longfellow Bridge”

Longfellow Bridge by Edward Glen Edward Glen’s “Longfellow Bridge” kicks in with a warm, twangy guitar lead and shimmering backing acoustics, alongside a simple though effective rhythm section. Lo-fi though melodic vocals

New Albums

Vazum – ‘Western Violence’

The new album from Detroit-based duo Vazum, Western Violence delivers a fierce blend of post-punk and dark alt-rock invigoration. Lyrical references to


Valvo – ‘Lost Futures’

Berlin-based artist Valvo reveals an atmospheric, shoegaze-forward sound throughout Lost Futures. The album succeeds with its cinematic, diverse sound — from spacious