New Tracks

Galapaghost – “Bedtime”

Already impressing with multiple tracks in the past, Galapaghost – the project of Casey Chandler (who writes, records, produces, and mixes everything heard) – is back with a new album. Sootie was

CAMU – “Empire State of Sound”

Channeling an ’80s power anthem in its primary hook, “Empire State of Sound” is a spirited and catchy new track from CAMU, who was vocalist for the band NAKED (who will be

Nocturnal Animals – “Margot”

Writing on the Walls by Mason Jones Atlanta alt-rockers Nocturnal Animals are releasing their new album Writing on the Walls, preceded by two singles. “Margot” released on September 14th, and “Shiver” releases

Swisher – “phiend”

Swisher is a new project from Brooklyn-based artist Oliver Switzer. The project’s self-titled debut release is opened by the track “phiend”, a late-night groover that meshes nocturnal guitar tones and neon-tinged synths

Beach For Tiger – “Toffee”

“Toffee” is a striking new track from Beach For Tiger, the psychedelic rock band from London/Essex we were introduced to with the soaring track “Something Good” last year. “Toffee” is the best

Kowala – “Amarillo”

Ahead of the release of their full-length debut, A Fruitless Endeavor, on September 30th, Kansas City act Kowala released its second single, “Amarillo”. The act projects trickling guitars, icy-cool synths, and striking

my bambi – “show us (everything alive)”

whitedaewoo by my bambi my bambi is a creative DIY project from Asheville, North Carolina, headed by Matthew S. Reed. Reed’s ability to craft rousing, hypnotic soundscapes – both in the realm

MITYA – “Omen Over Sky”

“Omen Over Sky” is a catchy psych-rocker from Russian musician and video-maker MITYA. It’s accompanied by a video with ample colors and variation, apt considering the track’s strengths — particularly, its ability

New Albums

JENTL – ‘People Change’ EP

NYC-based trio JENTL impress with a hooky, eclectic pop arsenal on their sophomore EP, People Change. Funky charisma, spacey electro-pop, and fun