New Tracks

Blakeley – “Caffeine & Nicotine”

Brooklyn-based act Blakeley pursues a successful vein of “electronic rockabilly” on new track “Caffeine & Nicotine”, featuring the track’s title in a chorus that provides a dose of sweet anthemic allure in

Nature G – “Stereotyping”

Nature G (Ganganbaigal), who formed NYC-based folk-metal act Tengger Cavalry in 2010, explores his solo side on new track “Stereotyping”. With his solo project he aims to incorporate his beloved metal aspects

Noise Ratio – “Freed Love”

Noise Ratio, the project of multi-instrumentalist Jeff Valput, often works around ominous piano lines and a direct, near-spoken-word vocal delivery that reminds of Sparks. His new album Songs on Fire finds the

Obscure Sound: Best of September 2017

Above are the most memorable tracks featured throughout September 2017, streaming on both Spotify and Soundcloud. Some tracks may be missing from the Spotify playlist, since not every submitted track is available

TOLEDO – “On My Own”

“On My Own” is a slice of twangy, ascending beauty from Boston-based act TOLEDO, formed by longtime friends Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Daniel Alvarez de Toledo. The Boston-based project impresses mightily on this

Bo Haan – “Playboy (We’re All In Love)”

Released today, “Playboy (We’re All In Love)” is a dazzlingly catchy new single from Los Angeles-based Bo Haan, whose authentic funk and dance-forward charisma works around brass spurts, tight rhythms, and an

Josh Harmony – “Modern Age”

“Modern Age” is a memorable new track from Minneapolis-based Josh Harmony, dripping with charming nonchalance familiar to fans of shoegaze, grunge, and space-rock — all elements incorporated in this melodic, smooth-flowing track.

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New Albums

Thistle Sifter – ‘Circles’

Serene post-rock guitar work and spacey synth ambience converge on Circles, an alluring new album from Thistle Sifter. The project represents the