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Salem – Astronaut (2009)

It is nice to see a talented artist receive recognition, even if it is in one of the dullest forms of advertising. Car commercials are possibly the most repetitive line of advertisements on television, with it being difficult t...

Elle or Alyssa? Each Milano Does It Well

I often wonder whether the genre of “art-rock” will be looked back upon as the epitome of stylistic innovation in this current decade. While the past several decades have embraced us with varieties of synth-pop, gru...


A Bleakly Enjoyable Murder Mystery

It must be a convenient experience to be in a band with a bunch of trustworthy individuals, particularly ones that you grew up being friends with. I imagine that squabbles concerning finances and personal differences are either...


I often find myself fascinated with dramatically poetic musicians. A lugubrious perspective applied toward the lyrical aspect doesn’t hurt either. There is not much publicly known about Joe Abernethy or, as his musical ou...


SHORT BITS – 7/19/06

We have a MySpace page now… check it out and add us! The nominations for the Mercury music prize have been announced, including Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Hot Chip, Muse, and Thom Yorke. The dark horse (and my favorite out ...