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Stolen Voices From White Labels

I’m all about recycling, upcycling, composting… anything that reuses materials already on this earth. If a friend wants to use jeans for insulation or to make a quilt out of old clothes, I’d be over in an instant. B...

Wild Beasts and Two Dancers

Distinction will never be an issue for Wild Beasts. With a voice like Hayden Thorpe’s, it almost seems as if the English four-piece could put any arrangement under his dramatic delivery and the result would sound great. A styli...


The Assistants Revitalize the 80s Jangle

I suppose the commercialized nostalgia of the 80s unfortunately causes us to remember all those plastic synth acts who achieved success through one hit singles and predictable hooks, making the accomplishments of truly impactin...

The 80s Never Die

Some bands just sound better when it’s raining outside. This is a fact, particulary in mind of those dark and moody bands of the 80s. One group that comes to mind are the Associates, the influential duo of vocalist Billy ...


REVIEW: The Divine Comedy – Victory For The Comic Muse

Neil Hannon’s latest album ranks as one of his best as he continues he traditional and original sound.