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Horse Feathers Build a House With No Home

These days, open mic nights usually cause more forms of embarrassment than success. Like the art of discovering new music in itself, though, there are a few gems in the rough just waiting to be found. Before the digital age whe...

A Beautiful Setting Sun

Though they seem to be in the minority these days, some songwriters are just better off writing songs on their own. In addition to having more helping hands available in the process of writing and recording material, bands can ...


Girls Aloud Get Tangled Up

Ah, guilty pleasures. It is an aspect of life where the specifications are usually determined by the demographic in which it is presented to. For instance, take a look at chocolate. In Belgium, it is eaten morning, noon, and ni...

David Ford Sings a Few Songs for the Road

We all hear that “sensitive singer/songwriter” babble all the time. Often employed as a propaganda tactic by corporate minds who hold a fraudulent regard for the actual music, it is becoming rare to find an artist w...


Bark Bark Bark “Haunts” In Debut

Seeing the rampant success of bands like Xiu Xiu and Man Man, Jacob Cooper must have been considering all aspects when deciding on the name for his new solo project. Following the currently popular band-naming ritual of duplica...

Forgotten, unlucky, but still fantastic… Shack

Shack has the reputation of being one of the most underrated and unluckiest bands during the Brit-pop explosion in the 90s. After Mick Head’s cult 80s jangle-pop group Pale Fountains disbanded, he enlisted the help of his...


The Strays love their politics

Frontman Toby Marriott is the only member of The Strays who hails from England, though one listen to their music would give the impression that their punk roots originate entirely from the UK. They’re quite universal thou...

REVIEW: Marc Bolan & T-Rex – Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow (1974)

Dan takes a look back on Bolan’s classic album from 1974.