VCMG Announce New LP

Synth-pop legends Martin Gore and Vince Clarke announced in November they formed a band,VCMG, and would release a series of EPs and a new

Stream: VCMG – Spock

The synth-based super-duo VCMG comprises Depeche Mode's Martin Gore and Erasure's Vince Clarke, both responsible for some of the most successful electronic projects in

Silk Flowers

The subdued form of electronic-pop that NYC-based Silk Flowers pursue is a glittery cross between industrial ambience and chillwave. Behind their simplistic leads of

Grimes’ Halfaxa

In my first feature of Grimes, I made the point that the music of Claire Boucher resembled conceptual art. With gauzy layers of synth

Solar Bears in Space

Things usually fare well for film geeks when they show a passion for making music. By film “geeks”, I’m not referring to that friend