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Nights Out With Metronomy

Some claim that technology dilutes originality and ambition, providing convenient sources to information that would otherwise be obtained through more arduous methods requiring a uniquely resourceful approach. While I do not di...

Dual Hawks: Centro-matic and South San Gabriel

As someone with an accurate perception of the arduously precise process of songwriting and music production, I am occasionally astounded by the work ethic and creative force that some musicians incorporate into their material. ...


Dappled Cities Fly Tweak Their Name and Sound

The five members of Dappled Cities comfortably define themselves as a band who creates “oddball pop”. Oddball pop? Well, the particular specification seems to be getting more common by the day with bands like Daniel...

The Morals of Thanksgiving.

I wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Loosen up your belt and your mind and just let it flow. Here are some songs focused around the main components of Thanksgiving: food, family, friends, relaxation, and having the lu...



This is my last full Monday of the school year, since my school (in the odd state of New Jersey) gets out next Wednesday. That means we have finals this week, so I will probably listening to music of a more relaxing tempo this ...