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The Lonely H Let Their “Hair” Grow

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an actively successful band that originated in high school. With the limited social environment, educational pressures, and repetitive daily tasks, quality songwriting is rare to co...

REVIEW: Dogs – Tall Stories from Under the Table

Dogs – Tall Stories from Under the Table by Mike Mineo If I were to compare Brit indie-rockers Dogs to a specific breed within their namesake, it would be appropriate to keep the breed within those pooches who retain aggr...


Stuart Rosh & The Geniuses

His own description of “American mutt music” fits the genre of Stuart Rosh quite well. Rarely do I find an artist that admits he is “stealing” a style from someone in particular. Well, Rosh does not name...

Nurses Mend Melodic Wounds in Excellent Debut

When four men are huddled together in a room, deciding on what to call their new band, Nurses is probably the last name on the list for the usual sort. Usually guys want something gritty, dirty, rough, and intimidating; somethi...


Robert Gomez joins Bella Union with a bang

There are always those record labels who somehow appear to make discovering extremely talented artists look easy. Perhaps it’s natural instict, musical knowledge, or maybe it’s just luck. Most of the time, it’...