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Rare Monk’s Astral Travel Battles

Rare Monk resemble a mix of Celtic punk, avant-garde rock in the vein of Man Man, and southern gypsy-pop complete with quick-moving strings and snarling vocals. For a more concise comparison, think Modest Mouse with an extra sh...

The Spies Conduct a Televolution

Josh Taylor takes a look at an overlooked album by an LA-based band, The Spies. Showing influences like Spoon and The Hold Steady, the quartet's infectious songs and burst of energy resulted in their satisfying sophomore album ...


Pop Winds

Continuing the surge of experimental-pop from Montreal, Pop Winds excel in diverging colorful psychedelia and indie-rock to create a sound that is familiarly addictive, yet still relatively incomparable. On “Owl Eyes̶...

Librarians of Present Passed

Librarians are certainly different than the professionals they take their name from. Their recent material finds solace in its own untidy ambition as opposed to systematic convention, a flexible ideology that allows their pleth...


Trekking at Ramona Falls

Attempting to juggle two musical projects is like being forced to decide between two best friends. Each one provides great collaborative moments and a level of comfort, but the subtleties are often what determine the final deci...

Rachel Taylor Brown Spends Half Hours With the Lower Creatures

It takes courage to recognize and reflect upon past mistakes, especially if the circumstances were difficult to describe or overcome. It takes even more courage to share such incidents with the general public, with the intrepid...