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White Hinterland’s Chronos and Kairos

It is easy to rave about Casey Dienel’s voice, which recalls Joni Mitchell’s eclectic stylistic arsenal as much as Victoria Legrand’s ghostly croon. Even those that do not like her project, White Hinterland, a...

Miss Li Recaps a 13-Month Career

Contrary to what the type of her newest release may conventionally entail, Linda Carlsson has been creating albums under the name Miss Li for just over one year. Releasing a double-disc greatest hits compilation may seem a bit ...


REVIEW: Dogs – Tall Stories from Under the Table

Dogs – Tall Stories from Under the Table by Mike Mineo If I were to compare Brit indie-rockers Dogs to a specific breed within their namesake, it would be appropriate to keep the breed within those pooches who retain aggr...

Swati Shows Further Boldness on “Small Gods”

Parents can often assume their children’s identity, making assertive decisions concerning their child’s education, religion, and even artistic interests. Swati Sharma grew up with a familiarity to the spotlight, lar...


I Admit, I’m Late to Hedwig’s Party

I know, I know. Most of you have already seen “Hedwig and the Angry Inch“, the offbeat musical/comedy/drama/satirical movie released in 2001 by the talented director/actor/singer John Cameron Mitchell, based on the ...