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The Belle Brigade – The Belle Brigade (2011)

About nine years ago, it became extremely uncool to like Fleetwood Mac. This pop/rock/soul band created some of the most emotional, daring, bold music in decades. Unfortunately, the Dixie Chicks ruined everything. They released...

Let’s Play Tennis!

Instead of coming across like decorating a Christmas tree in July, the summer-friendly pop of Tennis is a refreshing and apt reminder of anticipatory feelings that would usually take months to arrive from January. Tennis are on...


Bad Braids

Bad Braids is a very intimate project, clearly intended to showcase the beautiful talents of Megan Biscieglia. Her talents as a guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist are on full display throughout Arrow and Orb, a fascinating and i...

Interview with First Aid Kit

A sit down with the two sisters behind Swedish phenomenon First Aid Kit reveals details about their childhood, rise to recognition, songwriting process, and notable influences. Though just 17 and 19, they show why youth is not ...