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Paul Weller Wakes Up the Nation

Following up a feature on Damon Albarn implies a drop in quality and prestige, especially considering how few artists are able to stay relevant for over twenty years. Even if they cannot be deemed “obscure”, many fi...

David Ford Sings a Few Songs for the Road

We all hear that “sensitive singer/songwriter” babble all the time. Often employed as a propaganda tactic by corporate minds who hold a fraudulent regard for the actual music, it is becoming rare to find an artist w...


The Purrs bring back some nice nostalgia

Clearly fans of 80s psychedelic post-punk, The Purrs have been making a name for themselves this year with their self-titled debut. While blending in the same atmospheric guitar twangs as their predecessors Echo & the Bunn...

The Freelance Hellraiser breaks free

Think back to October of 2001. Remember what artists were on the rise and in the spotlight? In the mainstream MTV scene, Christina Aguilera was ruling the charts. On an opposite and peaceful planet where the indie kids dwelled,...



Razorlight wanted some exposure for their new album so they went to NME and said the current hottest band (The Arctic Monkeys) sucked and that they were better than them. Instant exposure! Newsflash, Mr. Borrell: while the Arct...


Andrew Bird is in the midst of writing his new album, which is due early next year. The album will consist of ten tracks and is a follow up to his album last year, The Mysterious Production Of Eggs, which was critically acclaim...