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Jóhann Jóhannsson

The subjectivity of audible beauty creates no room for uniform mastery. As styles of music have fluxed in popularity over the past several centuries, the presence of classical music has endured for several reasons. The technica...

Gather the Volcano Choir

Ambiguity and exposure have an interesting bond in the world of independent music. To associate one with the other immediately seems like a contradiction, but also consider that many deem the role of popularity and experimentat...


From Horse Feathers to Home: Peter Broderick

The alleged fusion of contemporary and classical music has been a noticeable, if somewhat subtle, force over the past several years. For me, the first time I recalled an artist blatantly mentioning the mixture as an intentional...

Hauschka Takes Us Back to Ferndorf

I tend to agree with Steve Reich on the subject of minimalism, a self-proposed genre whose label is borrowed more from a chronological standpoint than the actual musical content involved. As Reich claimed, it is merely a “...


Jong Pang Follows the Bright White Light

Ambition can play an interesting role in an artist’s production of their own music, especially during a dramatic period of stylistic transition. It sounds like common sense, but if one were to intricately shuffle through ...

The Color Palette Says Black Before Red

As successfully as minimalism (or “theater composition”) worked for the likes of Philip Glass and Steve Reich, some artists simply prefer an openly expendable approach. Thick arrangements that one would call “...