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Best Albums of 2009: #50 to #41

And so it begins. The top albums of 2009 are hand-picked and collected for your listening pleasure. Part one of a five-day feature.

Obscure Sound: Best of January 2009

This month’s compilation actually serves as a fusion of December and January. My primary focus in December was the Best Albums of 2008 feature, so there were not enough featured artists to suffice for an entire compilatio...


Timber Timbre

Although it can be classified as one of the most straightforward terms in music theory, timbre also holds the status as being one of the most audibly important. If music lacked timbre, it would be as if a language was running o...

VHS or Beta Prepares to Bring on the Comets

Note: Thanks to weeone for the information: Chea Beckley remains the keyboardist in the group and Zeke Buck is no longer part of the line-up. It is always interesting to see in which direction a band will follow after experienc...


Shivers Me Timbers

In the daring realm of pop music that is both otherworldly and unconventional, there are doubly-named modern bands like Man Man or Xiu Xiu that truly transcend the expected boundaries. They create a style of music that lingers ...

00 The Rabbit

The oddly titled 00 The Rabbit (Double Zero: The Rabbit) is the musical project of Russell Brooks, a native of Morgantown, Kentucky who was formerly the guitarist and singer for Cheap Fireworks. Even in the sense that his music...