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Nick Jaina Feels the Delicate Wool

In the often fascinating field of archeology, success requires the ability to embrace the past in order to advance the future. All forms of advanced technology have a preceding influence, whether it be in an intricately designe...

Miss Li Recaps a 13-Month Career

Contrary to what the type of her newest release may conventionally entail, Linda Carlsson has been creating albums under the name Miss Li for just over one year. Releasing a double-disc greatest hits compilation may seem a bit ...


Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity

I admit, I have not heard many successful bands with an unabbreviated name as long as this five-piece from Seattle. In fact, I was surprised to find that they fit their name on their album cover. Boasting a whole 12 syllables, ...

The Diverse Susumu Yokota

As multifarious talents continue to rapidly dwindle in number, it is becoming noticeably more difficult to find such artists who are able to conquer the fields of music, art, and film with successive force. Though it remains su...


Mirah’s Latest Theme… Bugs?

Concept albums have been a standard in music debate for decades. Whether such an attempt equates to an artistic failure or success is often dependent on the artist itself and their general grasp on the theme at hand. By followi...