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Morningbell Are Sincerely, Severely Unique

Light shows are not exactly synonymous with indie bands. Superfluous visual appeal and leisurely expenses are not the most attractive concepts to artists on a budget, even if it supplements their music well. I am not sure exact...

Seabear Gets Carried Away

Wyoming, the United States’ least populous state, has nearly twice the population of Iceland. Leave it to the art of music to give the best example of quality over quantity. No offense to the Cowboy State, but I honestly ...


The Beauty of O.K.

Whenever I receive a copy of an album from a different country than my own (USA), it is always met with enthusiasm and buoyancy. While I have become generally accustomed to music derived from the United States, the UK, and even...

Solarise Crafts Outstanding Debut in “Still the Same Dream”

Within the past decade, Scotland has seen its share of native bands go on to achieve international success. Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, and Travis are a just of a few of the names deriving from the nation in northwest Europe....


The Katie Todd Band

An artist’s second release is often a good indication of things to come. Will they learn from past mistakes? How will the pressure be handled? Though Katie Todd is still far from being a household name, she faces the same...