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Black Lips – Arabia Mountain (2011)

Before 2009, I was more or less indifferent to Black Lips, a band that basically sounded like a few other bands I already liked (Monks, King Khan & BBQ Show, etc). Then I heard 200 Million Thousand, an album with a dirge to it ...

Obscure Sound: Best of April 2011

April was a busy and thoroughly enjoyable month in music. It’s easy to point out that big names dominated most of it, some of them even brand names in indie music; Panda Bear, TV on the Radio, and Fleet Foxes are as close...


TV on the Radio – Nine Types of Light (2011)

The opening moments of Nine Types of Light is telling of the rest of the album. Unlike previous TV on the Radio releases, there is no grand musical build-up. Instead, Tunde Adebimpe’s vocals spring forth with such prowess that ...

The Spies Conduct a Televolution

Josh Taylor takes a look at an overlooked album by an LA-based band, The Spies. Showing influences like Spoon and The Hold Steady, the quartet's infectious songs and burst of energy resulted in their satisfying sophomore album ...


Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (2010)

If Funeral was the personal homage to life, love, and loss, as Neon Bible was a straight shot at the gut of political immoral corruption, then Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs is merely a simple acknowledgment of the two concepts. Not...