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Robert Gomez joins Bella Union with a bang

There are always those record labels who somehow appear to make discovering extremely talented artists look easy. Perhaps it’s natural instict, musical knowledge, or maybe it’s just luck. Most of the time, it’...


Another album that passed by largely unnoticed in 2006 was Cicada‘s self-titled debut. Though the genre of electronic dance-pop remains to be sensitive ordeal with its fanbase being rather exclusive, Cicada’s debut ...


Halou above your head, in your ears, and under your bed

Would it be considered cliché to meet your true love in an indie record store? Maybe in the movies, but to Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom it’s a reality. After meeting in Ryan’s father’s record store in 1992 in Sa...

The Czars

I’m always left with a bittersweet feeling when I discover great bands who have broken up in the past few years. Sure, it adds a great band to my collection but I know I’ll never have the thrill of anticipating a ne...


The Bishops and a time machine

I don’t blame you if you originally thought that The Bishops were a band from the 60s. After all, one look at their photo below tells all you need to know about the band’s influences from the days of The Beatles and...

The Russian Futurists

The fellow in the Twins cap is Matthew Adam Hart, whose musical alias is The Russian Futurists. His release last year, Our Thickness, really propelled Hart’s critical success, as the album was being touted by the likes of...