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Interview with The Flaming Lips

At 49, Wayne Coyne and his quartet of space-a-delic freaks have earned a Grammy, covered Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” in its entirety, and toured relentlessly across the world. Currently on tour for Embryonic, the s...

The Morning Benders – Big Echo (2010)

The Morning Benders' highly anticipated album, Big Echo, finds the four-piece at a place of confidence and cohesiveness.


The Flaming Lips – Embryonic (2009)

by Mike Mineo The author for the impending Flaming Lips biography must have it rough. There are few bands as consistently groundbreaking as Wayne Coyne and company, who would often devote concepts or stylistic trends into their...

Papercuts Have What You Want

The specific method of recording an album should never be used an indicator of an artist’s level of commitment. After all, not everyone can afford the $100/hour going rate and, unless an artist is one of the lucky few that gets...


Sailing the Pacific!

One Jens Lekman lyric that remains so humorously memorable to me was a line on “The Cold Swedish Winter” which remarked that many people have assumed his native Sweden to consist of nothing but “porn and gonorrhea”. Regardless ...

Ghosty Discovers the Answers

When a lack of publicity gets them down, all some bands need is a helping hand from a familiarly comforting face. It can obviously be tough for those with no musical connections or specific geographical ties, but having a frien...


The Cyanide Valentine Releases a Three-Sided Freebie

Ah, free albums. They are a pure thing of beauty. To listen to the material in its entirety you are not even forced to dish out cash, make a trip to one of the few remaining quality record stores, or engage in a gruesomely awkw...

Great Northern Provides Memorable Depth on Debut

On the cover of Great Northern‘s debut album, Trading Twilight for Daylight, sits a barren tree backed by an arctic landscape. Such a dormant image is ironic considering the band’s lively and articulately layered so...


Blue Fringe: Don’t Mind the “Religious” Tag

In this world of constant indecisiveness, music is one of the only aspects in life that individuals of all religions, races, and philosophies can enjoy together, to a collective extent. Apart from the occasional political balla...

DASHING DEBUTS: Ghosty – Grow Up or Sleep In

Ghosty are a group from Lawrence, Kansas that simply enjoys making catchy pop songs. This was evidenced in their 2002 EP, Three Pop Songs, which I enjoyed prior to hearing their debut album, Grow Up or Sleep In, about a year ag...