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Gather the Volcano Choir

Ambiguity and exposure have an interesting bond in the world of independent music. To associate one with the other immediately seems like a contradiction, but also consider that many deem the role of popularity and experimentat...

The Gentle Guest Is Bound to Save Some Souls

When I read that the material of The Gentle Guest consisted of “hobo tales”, I had no clue what to think. Would I be entertained with ballads about scrounging for food or jams highlighting the intricate art of beggi...


Needers & Givers for Brothers and Others

Most of those who grow up with a brother or sister within the same age range regard sibling rivalries as just another aspect of growing up, an aspect that brings back enjoyable nostalgia and eventually ends up teaching life les...

Four Pale Young Gentleman and a Cellist

As unfortunate as it sounds, contemporary artists with a strong emphasis on classical instruments continue to be a dying breed. It is difficult to argue against the fact that guitars and rhythmic supplementation are often the c...


The Selfish Gene

While the creation of music appears to be the most vivid hobby among the four members of The Selfish Gene, the study of classic literature is not far behind. Apart from the fact that their band name name is derived from the tit...