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Archive for March 18th, 2018
Indie Rock

A Thousand Hours – “Christina”

Sleep by A Thousand Hours A Thousand Hours draw from influences like Slowdive and Cocteau Twins to craft an ethereal, atmospheric vein of nocturnal rock. Engaging new track “Christina” is the second to be released f...
Indie Rock

The Holifields – “Water Ghost”

The Holifields – EP by The Holifields The Holifields are a young psych/progressive rock group from Knoxville, Tennessee. Their new track “Water Ghost” is an excellent piece of songwriting, with soaring, psych-...

Indie Rock

Brother Cephus – “Toxic Slip”

“Toxic Slip” is the first single to be released from Brother Cephus’ forthcoming six-track collection, out July 21st. The Tampa-based act is comprised of brothers Gabe and Seth Davis, who share vocal duties se...
Indie Rock

Luke Rathborne – “Don’t Call Me Baby”

“Don’t Call Me Baby” is the stellar new release from Luke Rathborne, the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Maine singer/songwriter who since moving to New York has garnered an impressive following through recent 2015 release...

Indie Pop

Small Talk – “Adventure Song”

“Adventure Song” is a beautiful, fluttering piece of indie-pop from Boston act Small Talk. Self-propelled by “tight vocal harmonies and a healthy dose of groove”, the six-piece rides on a harmonious male...