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Archive for March 20th, 2018
Indie Rock

PLEASE. – “Dog Days”

Released just a week ago, “Dog Days” is an exciting track from PLEASE., an act based around Pennsylvania (Philadelphia/Harrisburg/Lewistown). Their punchy, punk-tinged guitar lines remind of The Wrens’ mountin...
Indie Pop

Rebecca Schiffman – “Laura”

Rebecca Schiffman’s just-released music video for her melodic track “Laura” is based off Seinfeld‘s pilot episode, the track named after the love interest of Jerry (who wonders throughout the episode if ...

Indie Rock

The Wagner Logic – “Black Cloud”

The lush guitar lines and whisper-y, dreamy shoegaze-leaning vocals within The Wagner’s Logic aesthetic hearkens visions of a beautifully snowy atmosphere, which is appropriate considering the project’s Kasilof, Ala...
Indie Rock

Tigerbeat – “Brave”

Breaking Away by Tigerbeat With an affinity for crisp-clear dream-pop guitar lines and soaring melodies, Tigerbeat are an act from Champaign, Illinois, whose new track “Brave” is aptly self-dubbed as “lonesome...

Indie Rock

Brightwood Patriarch – “I Believe”

“I Believe” is the first of “about 12 unreleased tracks” that NYC-based indie-folk act Brightwood Patriarch plans to release over the near future. The project has grown from a solo recording project to a...
Indie Rock

The Hails – “Come Alive”

Gainesville, Florida-based rock act The Hails recall the tonal distinction of Radiohead’s more straight-cutting rockers on new track “Come Alive”, where wistful vocals and fluid guitar lines capture an emotion...