As many of you know by now, Syd Barrett died at the age of 60 on Friday. One of the founding members of Pink Floyd only contributed to two albums, but it was only because he couldn’t handle his genius and practically went mad. His death details were not disclosed, though many believe it was either due to cancer or diabetes. To see some examples of his brilliance, check out Lucifer Sam and Scarecrow. David Bowie remembered Barrett by saying, “His impact on my thinking was enormous. A major regret is that I never got to know him. A diamond indeed.” Though he was obviously incapable of making any sort of musical comeback, it is still a significant loss ( source ).


Paul McCartney’s first guitar will go up on an auction. It’s a Rex acoustic and expected to sell at about $150,000. // The Pixies have announced that they will no longer be making albums, and will just continue to tour. In my opinon, it’s for the best. The Pixies will put a very nice career to rest very soon, probably after this current tour. // Noel Gallagher will play a solo show for the drug addiction charity Focus12 on November 2nd in London’s KOKO.

After leaving the band, Arctic Monkeys bassist Andy Nicholson desperately wants to come back. Apparently the reason he left was because of an argument where Nicholson did not want to tour in America. The band is currently denying his request to rejoin. Nick O’Malley continues to fill in. // On Sunday, what would be ACDC’s Bon Scott’s 60th birthday, his grave was stolen from his resting place in Fremantle Cemetary in Western Australia. Some fans are a bit too die-hard. // New York’s legendary rock club, CBGB, will close this fall after over thirty years. The final show will be on September 29th. // Broken Social Scene announced that they are currently “on temporary hiatus”.

New material info: Interpol, Jason Molina, Catfish Haven, Blood Brothers, Yo La Tengo, Basement Jaxx, Sparklehorse, The Hedrons, The Lemonheads, The View, The Killers, Trail Of Dead Eyes, Heartless Bastards, Kaiser Chiefs, Electric Soft Parade, Grizzly Bear, ActionReaction, Ani DiFranco, Sigur Ros, H2O

New tour info: The Feeling, Paul Weller, Veltiver, Gnarls Barkley, Muse, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, Scanners, Massive Attack, Tom Waits, Quasi

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