Vitaminsforyou (yeah, all one word)


One thing about Vitaminsforyou that you’ll notice when first listening is the feeling of relaxation and relief that will be put upon you. The solo project from Toronto’s Bryce Kushnier combines lush sounds that mix elements of early Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine with the creativity of fellow Canadian darlings Arcade Fire. Kushnier actually covered Arcade Fire’s exceptional ‘No Cars Go’, which is a creative version from a creative artist to say the least. Covers never seem to reach the original, but this one comes fairly close. Kushnier has also been known for his on-stage creativity, with such antics as “banjotronica”, which is an combination of banjo and synths. Another quality that is quite unique about Vitaminsforyou is the certain relaxing atmosphere that almost every song conveys, making it appropriate late night driving music.


Vitaminsforyou has a new album titled The Legend of Bird’s Hill. ‘It Is Raining In Dublin’ is a perfect example of their lush quality, as slightly prominent female vocals act as more of an instrument, combining with a variety of instruments (with notable acoustics) to create their own fresh world. ‘The Ukranians’ is one of their trippier songs, and one that is most reminiscent of native Arcade Fire. A mix of keys and even a slight twist of hip-hop effects make this another memorable song, with vocal effects shining their way throughout making it as diverse as possible. For those who enjoy the following tracks, I would recommend the new album for more of the same. It’s some nice music to fall asleep to, which I mean in a positive way.


Vitaminsforyou – It Is Always Raining In Dublin



Vitaminsforyou – The Ukranians



Vitaminsforyou – No Cars Go





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  1. I like this guy’s sound. Def. good chill stuff.

    BTW: You got THE best song download/preview feature of any MP3 blog I’ve ever seen.

  2. Bryce is a of friend of a friend of mine who lives in Toronto, she showed me his music a couple weeks ago and I was very impressed. There is a lot of good musicians in Toronto. Thanks for sharing these, I have got to get my hands on his album.

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