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Alexis… The Band?


Judging by the pictures on his web site, I have come to the conclusion that Alexis Gideon is somewhat of a confused man, maybe a bit insane. That’s alright though, because the amount of sane innovative musicians is sparse. Also, personality is a plus. Though he has resided in Los Angeles for some time, he is currently living in New York, describing himself as a “one man gospel-circus, cartoon-necessary schizo-rap New York hillbilly, aged and innocent provocateur”. That might do. When I recieved his first album, Alexis: Welcome Song, the first thing that struck me was the cover art. I don’t really know what it is, a mixture of an elephant, a lion, and an eagle (a liaphant)? Either way, it looks like something Napoleon Dynamite would draw. Gideon’s variety and ingenuity was the second thing that struck me, with homages to Gary Numan, Frog Eyes, and even Eminem being evident throughout the album.

‘Casio Elation’, for instance, has some opening synths that just reek of Gary Numan’s ‘Metal’. Both love their moog, that’s for sure. Gideon’s vocal range varies from track to track, with ‘Casio Elation’ having a bit of an intentional dull touch, while the more energetic ‘Oh No’ delivers easygoing pop, until Gideon starts rapping randomly (02:06), sounding like an even whiter Eminem. Hey, it sort of works though (for some people, not me). It gets even more fascinating, as he goes into a wacky guitar solo for about a minute. So, from synth-pop to rap to a metal-like solo? Fun stuff. Gideon’s rapping skills take full stage in ‘Playground’ and ‘Triumvirate‘, though I’m not posting those because if you’ve heard one white rap song, you’ve heard them all. I am enjoying his mellower electronic songs, such as the instrumental ‘Underwater Carousel’ though. I personally believe that Gideon needs to decide between rap or pop, as the album’s flow sounds more like a compilation of half-humorous rap tracks and acceptable electro-pop. Regardless, these three tracks are enjoyable.


Alexis The Band – Casio Elation



Alexis The Band – Oh No



Alexis The Band – Underwater Carousel



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