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Jazz and Electronica: An Unlikely Partnership

Jaga Jazzist are expanding boundaries with their stylistic fusion of jazz and electronica. Their new album, One-Armed Bandit, is one of the most thrilling releases so far this year as a result.

The First Impression of a Total Babe

The importance of a first impression is something that has been stressed since humanity’s inception, with philosophers as early as Socrates noting its role in developing biases. Subsequent eras such as the Tudor period, E...


Woodpigeon Take Flight

Everyone has an album that personally defines nostalgia at its finest. For me, putting on something like the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream or Radiohead’s OK Computer brings me back to the days where the most important thing ...

The Old & New: Piano Magic and Braids

Some of the most talent musicians in the world remain practically unknown despite an abundance of quality material. There is no concise explanation for it, even if the most common response is related to the lack of accessibilit...


Wearing Winter Gloves in Montreal

I do hope to travel across a wide variety of locations one day, but as a middle-class college student I understand that my resources are somewhat limited. That being said, it is a common process for me to singularly identify ce...

Vanilla Swingers; Gary Ptaszek and Crack Silence (Gig Review)

The first of several British artists exposed in today’s feature is Vanilla Swingers, a duo comprised of Miles Jackson and Anne Gilpin. Though their name indicates a production of some overly flamboyant form of funk, they ...


A Beautiful Setting Sun

Though they seem to be in the minority these days, some songwriters are just better off writing songs on their own. In addition to having more helping hands available in the process of writing and recording material, bands can ...

Hilotrons Get Happymatic

In present day, calling a genre “dead” will most often be looked upon as a controversial statement. There are countless numbers of musicians specializing in stylistic revivalism, and I doubt that number is going to ...


Kara Keith Shows No Hesitation in Collaboration

Even though some artists clearly have the distinguished ability to write quality songs purely on their own, others tend to hold a form of bitter reluctance when given the opportunity to collaborate with others, even when they r...

Obscure Sound: Best of November 2007

Yeah, it’s almost over. We have merely a month left in the year 2007 and, looking back, I am continuously finding it to be one of the best musically-related years in recent memory. I will go into further detail when I rev...