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Ariel Pink: An Essential Introduction

Ariel Pink is one of the most prominent causes of the recent “chillwave” movement, where recent artists like Washed Out, Neon Indian, and Memory Cassette have paid subtle tribute to Pink's incredible past work. This introductio...


Obscure Sound: Best of October 2009

The month of October always seems to root out the Album of the Year contenders, making this and November one of the most active months in new music releases. Similar to the several months preceding the Academy Awards for film, ...

UltraChorus Goes Ultra-Def

We are producers. We make music for you. This is what UltraChorus convey on their web site, almost sounding like they cater to artists more than listeners in doing so. Such circumstances have the likelihood of create hazardous ...


Adam Marsland Goes West

Listening or creating music can easily be labeled as a hobby, as it most commonly is. But for many musicians, its incorporation into one’s lifestyle makes it much more than that. When LA-based songwriter Adam Marsland com...

Obscure Sound: Best of July 2009

First off, I want to apologize for the server difficulties this site has experienced the past week or so. Obscure Sound was apparently taking up too many resources to be situated on my host’s server, so they temporarily d...


Love Comes Close in a Cold Cave

Like most stylistically unclassifiable acts, the sheer oddity of Cold Cave can only be explained by dissecting each member’s role. And when each collaborator’s presence is already shrouded in a unique enigma because of creative...

Parental Guidance for Big Fresh

Are eccentric artistic tendencies hereditary? Like eye color or facial characteristics, I would not be surprised if they were, mainly because I have witnessed friends that walk and talk eerily similar to one of their parents. W...


The Dubious Ranger’s Weapon

The integration of humor and satire into music can be an incredibly complex process. By coming across as humorous or self-depreciatingly witty, an artist tends to imply a sort of nonchalant demeanor that can either benefit thei...

Obscure Sound: Best of April 2009

To be honest, I am shocked that I have had the time to update lately. Finals and papers have been bombarding me since Monday, and I have a few more papers due next week. Finals have certainly taken their toll on me, but I have ...