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Throw in the electronic ingenuity of The Knife, the diverse melodic styles of Stereolab, and the sheer synth accessibility of Gary Numan into a mixing pot. What would come out is Brooklyn’s tasty own Mixel Pixel. The foursome released their fourth album Music For Plants on Halloween, enhancing their already original sound. Synths ceaselessly flowing over rapid guitar riffs can be heard in some songs, while lush atmospheric pads can transform others into odd but fulfilling electro ballads. In short, not many songs by Mixel Pixel sound similar, which means that in ten years Mixel Pixel might be remembered as one of the best singles band of the new synth revival that originated around 2005. The vocals are shared by the charming Kaia Wong and an unparallel exchange of solemnly deep male vocals, a mixture of Stephin Merritt and Stuart Staples. The lyrics mainly consist of clever rhymes and fitting melodies, making the whole package quite successful. Also, our old friend Rusty Santos helped produce Music For Plants as well. Santos may be the busiest producer in New York, seeing as how he’s worked with just about everyone at this point. Santos brings out a more direct psychedelic aspect in Music For Plants, which fits the band rather well.

Wong takes full charge in the irresistable single, ‘Coming Up X’s’. “High fives, but no one cares if, you’re alive,” is repeated throughout the song dozens of times, each time sounding better and better. If you have a big test to study for or something, do not listen to this song. Those nine words will be stuck in your head for at least a day, blocking out other forced thoughts (such as studying!). Wong is also the primary owner of her own lip-balm company, LiPs By Wong, calling herself a “skin care wizard”. What a diverse showcasing of talent. Mixel Pixel also has a persistent sense of lyrical cleverness, displayed again on ‘Switchblade Sister’. Offering a funky groove, the chorus is an exchange between the two voices of the band, telling the tale of a depressed life without love. ‘You’re The Kind Of Girl’ has a very acidic effect to it, making the psychedelic video even more appropriate, bearing a slight Beck influence. It isn’t surprising that the band’s alter-ego, Lexip Lexim, has remixed songs by artists such as Beck and Of Montreal. Music For Plants is Mixel Pixel’s most impressive album yet. The catchy choruses and swaying verses will make people dance, animals dance, and yes, it will probably make plants dance too.


Mixel Pixel – Coming Up X’s



Mixel Pixel – Switchblade Sister



Mixel Pixel – You’re The Kind Of Girl



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