Obscure Sound: Best of August 2010

September has little value to me beyond the start of football. The weather manages to retain the worst aspects of summer (NYC is 95°F today) as our lifestyles adjust to more focused, goal-driven tasks. Nothing wrong with responsibility, but I’d much prefer to be doing work when it is bitter cold outside. Showing up to work dripping in sweat because of the 20°F difference between the subway, street, and building is not fun at all. But all things must come to an end, including leisure and accessibility. Music fortunately does not have an expiration date though. I am looking forward to fall actually arriving in October so my commute does not involve gallons of sweat, but until then we at least have some great new music. 2010 has been a fantastic year for it and August debuted some great new material. I am proud of this compilation because it offers some great new tracks, with the only “big” name being Arcade Fire. I really think efforts by Lotus Feet, Pop Winds, and Miami Horror will propel them into a more popular state though. Just listen to see why.

01. Arcade Fire – Rococo (post)
02. Lotus Feet – Early Bird (post)
03. Pop Winds – Feel It (post)
04. Altar Eagle – Honey (post)
05. Miami Horror – Holidays (post)
06. Feu Thérèse – Nada (post)
07. Ross Fish – Outside Your Mind (post)
08. Black Mountain – The Hair Song (post)
09. The Hood Internet – Shoeing Horses in 1901 (Phoenix x Why?) (post)
10. Cloud Nothings – Even If It Worked Out (post)
11. Shapiro – All Things Around the Sun (post)
12. Ghost Mall – 40 Nugs (post)
13. Woozy Viper – King Kong (post)
14. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home (post)


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