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Archive for July 21st, 2018

MP3: Bubbly Mommy Gun – “Cuckoo Lungs”

The playfully ambitious "Cuckoo Lungs" is the first track on Bubbly Mommy Gun's upcoming album, Sand Roses. The oddly named group are from Atlanta, and their penchant for quality experimental pop has already earned them acclaim...

MP3: Angelo De Augustine – “Black Wool”

For many, music provides a source of light during dark times. Getting lost in lyrics, a melody, or any aspect of a song can help take our minds off life's issues, which can range wildly in severity. Those fortunate to experienc...


MP3: TOPS – “Easy Friends”

POPS are a retro-minded pop group from Montreal, one I found courtesy of Hype Machine's nifty CMJ aggregation. They'll charm CMJ audiences with a sound rooted nicely in late '80s new-wave, led by illuminated guitar riffs and wa...