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Archive for July 19th, 2018

Embden Lane – “Think About You All the Time”

“Think About You All the Time” sounds like the work of veteran pop songwriters from the ’60s, not the debut from a Brooklyn four-piece in 2017 — as it is. Thoroughly captivating in its brief two minutes,...

autoclub – “Cat”

Los Angeles-based act autoclub seems bound to blow up, if new single “Cat” is any indication. With a sound featuring “melodic psych-disco sounds, and catchy fresh dance pop grooves featuring trippy bass lines&...


John Moose – “Under Bridges”

John Moose is an act that trace their roots to “the deep wild woods of Värmland, Sweden.” The band’s name refers to their lyrics’ protagonist, within a tale of escapism, “where he finds himself stu...

Freaks of the Sea – “Hypocrite”

Portland-based alternative act Freaks of the Sea show a smooth, gliding feel with a bit of warbled funk on new track “Hypocrite”, released on Friday. “Yeah, I’m a hypocrite,” the chorus goes, break...