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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

notme – “pull”

mask by notme Out of Winnipeg, notme is a captivating new project with a washed-out take on shoegaze and indie-rock, recalling both My Bloody Valentine and Deerhunter in their sound. They just released their second EP, mask, ea...

Andrew Goldring – “Lost in the Motion”

Utah-based singer/songwriter Andrew Goldring began his foray into solo material in 2016, after fronting two bands – Golden Sun and Great Interstate – in the half-decade prior. The results thus far have been great, a...


Blurred Out – “Modern Waves”

Oakland-based indie-rockers Blurred Out showed considerable charm on last October’s single “Meadows“, and do so once again with new track “Modern Waves”. Chirpy guitars and a brisk bass line assemb...

The Soft Season – “Nothing Will Keep Me Away From You”

With a clanging, post-punk guitar line and wistful synths reminiscent of ’80s pop (and a title with a nearly creepy ’80s yearning a la “Every Breath You Take”), “Nothing Will Keep Me Away From You&...