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Archive for May 23rd, 2018

Sal Dulu – “Tyko”

Sal Dulu is a producer/instrumentalist from Dublin, whose third release “Tyko” shows his innate atmospheric tendencies. Starting with an ominously deep synth pad, akin to Twin Peaks, the track gradually features mor...

Levitation Free – “Little Lola”

Utilizing aspects of psychedelia and dream-pop with atmospheric success, “Little Lola” is a track released this week from Paris-based Levitation Free, the project of Sebastien Jamet. The track soars with an energeti...


DUETS AND STUFF – “Serve Somebody”

Swedish indie-pop duo DUETS AND STUFF impress on the quaintly catchy “Serve Somebody”, the project’s very promising debut. The duo of Greta and Raimond do great work here, emphasizing that values catchy minima...