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Archive for June 18th, 2018

Tender Glue – “With You Here”

NYC alt-folk artist Tender Glue is the project of Tom Gluewicki, who self-recorded the captivating track “With You Here” – the first single from his forthcoming album Closet Leftovers – in the closet of ...

Wild Year – “Meanwhile…(Little Spark)”

Los Angeles electro-pop quartet Wild Year craft a memorable tribute to Twin Peaks‘ tortured soul Laura Palmer with the track “Meanwhile…(Little Spark)”. Cole Morrall’s enchanting vocals glide gentl...


herMajesty – “Weightless”

herMajesty are an indie-pop act out of NYC, whose new single “Weightless” projects a post-disco backbeat with a shimmering, key/synth-laden effervescence. The hook-y refrain – “we are weightless” &...

Simon D James – “Dearest Lovely World”

Written when Simon D James was volunteering in the refugee camps of the Calais Jungle, “Dearest Lovely World” is a touching effort from the Brighton-based singer/songwriter. In his volunteer work, James recognized a...


Mouth of Ghosts – “Tonight”

Dual, concurrent vocal layers exist amidst a dark, murmuring sound on Mouth of Ghosts’ new track “Tonight”, ascending into brighter crevices for the track’s chorus, glistening with guitars and emotion. T...

Must-Haves for Home Recordings

Thanks to tech developments, session musicians have a range of options when it comes to home recordings these days. Find out what to prioritise here!