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Archive for June 23rd, 2018

Premiere: Jon Freeman – “The Big, Bad Wolf”

Jon Freeman continues to prove himself as a striking, eclectic songwriter on new track “The Big, Bad Wolf”, the first peek at his forthcoming album, AMERICAN GRIMM. As that title and this track’s sound/lyrics ...

The Dot and the Line – “Addicted Heart”

“Addicted Heart”, the gripping new track from duo The Dot and the Line, tracks the dream-like feeling of wandering the streets of a foreign city with no particular purpose or destination in mind. It touts a fantasti...


TyC Feat. Curly Chuck – “GET DOWN”

“GET DOWN” is a striking track from Cleveland natives TyC and Curly Chuck, featuring ample structural and tonal variation alongside a playful and charismatic vocal delivery. TyC, who first established himself as a m...

Stello – “Even If I Don’t”

Sultry vocals and meditative guitar chords calmly open Stello’s new track “Even If I Don’t”. The melody has a slow progression into a silky sweet synth solo at the 02:35 mark, with guitar tones reminisce...


CAMARANO – “Mortal Man”

Perth engineer, writer, and producer Mat Cammarano wowed last November with “Somebody Else“, providing a reprieve from the incoming cold (here stateside) with a breezy melodic flow that built into a lush crescendo f...

Country Priest – “Compromised”

Released this week, “Compromised” is a new single from Chicago act Country Priest’s forthcoming EP, Icarus. Wasting no time from the get-go with a full-bodied rock sound, not too distant from Foo Fighters̵...