Ryan Summers – “Chasm”

Undo Influence by Ryan Summers The opening track on Ryan Summers‘ new album Undo Influence, “Chasm” is enjoyably representative of the project’s eclectic stylistic


Einsam – “Stuck Pig”

“Stuck Pig” is a consuming, creative track from Einsam, finding inspiration from “Bristol’s trip-hop heritage.” The various backing effects and overall rhythmic drive tout


Mark Vickness – “Interwoven”

Frolicking acoustics and emotive strings assemble a powerfully emotive feel throughout “Interwoven,” the opening track on Mark Vickness‘ new album, Interconnected. The live performance

How Music Helps Us Focus

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said it best: ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’ It would be difficult to find a single person on