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Ryan Summers – “Chasm”

Undo Influence by Ryan Summers The opening track on Ryan Summers‘ new album Undo Influence, “Chasm” is enjoyably representative of the project’s eclectic stylistic reach and atmospheric capabilities. A c...

David Alter – “So Says the Man”

“So Says the Man” is a rousing rock anthem from David Alter, from his forthcoming satirical rock musical, Resurrection: The Musical. The infectious title-referencing chorus touts a fun likeness to power-pop band Jel...


Nick Campbell Destroys – “Goodbye Moonmen”

As a fan of Rick and Morty, it’s great to hear a well-done cover of “Goodbye Moonmen.” The show’s Bowie homage was always a fun one, and similar in vein to Flight of the Conchords’ “Bowie in ...

Einsam – “Stuck Pig”

“Stuck Pig” is a consuming, creative track from Einsam, finding inspiration from “Bristol’s trip-hop heritage.” The various backing effects and overall rhythmic drive tout an alluring trip-hop vibe, whil...


Mark Vickness – “Interwoven”

Frolicking acoustics and emotive strings assemble a powerfully emotive feel throughout “Interwoven,” the opening track on Mark Vickness‘ new album, Interconnected. The live performance above stuns in showcasin...

J’Moris – “Off the Porch”

Impressing in the past year with tracks like “SnapChat” and “Make It Look Easy,” J’Moris returns with another confident hip-hop cut in “Off the Porch.” Lyrics speak to growing up and re...