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Electronic Rock
Electronic Rock

Rain Carnation – “Fearless”

Concocting a gorgeously nocturnal soundscape with gushing synth envelopment and heavy rhythmic pulsations, “Fearless” is a fantastic track from Pittsburgh-based artist Rain Carnation. Grimy guitars drive into a thro...
Electronic Rock

Joshua Woo – “Sunflower Seeds”

Another success from London-based artist Joshua Woo, “Sunflower Seeds” drives from psych-pop suaveness into anthemic rock hooks. Spirited synth movements and clanging keys exude a funky pop charisma, fit for night-t...


Tremolone – “Sideways”

Fusing melodic guitar work with downtempo electronica, “Sideways” is an alluring new track from Tremolone, an artist based in Pasadena, CA. Serene synth droplets and vague vocal adornments expand gradually; the word...
Electronic Rock

St. Noma – “Vertigo” (feat. Nikolas Labossiere & Magic Jones)

Captivating with hauntingly eerie processions, “Vertigo” develops from flickering guitars and trippy vocal effects into an industrial mish-mash of rock and electronic components. The deliciously unsettling track is ...

Electronic Rock

Metaspion – “Kundalini”

Cryptomeduza by Metaspion Cryptomeduza is the latest album from Metaspion, the Norwegian artist who impressed with the tracks “Old Rules Don’t Apply” and “Pyros” in 2019. The release continues an i...
Electronic Rock

most.unlikely – “topple”

Mellow keys and emotive string flourishes set the scene on the atmospheric, evolving “topple.” The track, from Los Angeles-based artist most.unlikely, retains its consuming soundscape throughout, while strutting not...