New Tracks

Stream: Wickerbird – “Druids”

If possible, play “Druids” while trudging through a green forest as the sun sets. There’s something about this dark folk track that evokes that natural sentiment, sort of like how mellower Led

MP3: The UFO Club – “July”

Night Beats' Lee Blackwell and The Black Angels' Christian Blan allow their hazy psych-rock indulgences to flow even more freely with joint project The UFO Club. Its existence is fairly vague, apart

Obscure Sound: Best of July 2012

I apologize for being late, again, with this. Look on the bright side: we’re only two weeks away from the August compilation. The two combined should feature about 40 bands or so

MP3: Nude Beach – “Walkin’ Down My Street”

I wish Nude Beach were the standard for house party bands. The trio honed their craft playing at them throughout high school, their convivial punk-rock sound serving as the perfect accompaniment to

MP3: Leaves of Green – “Caving In”

It was obvious that Madole’s next release would be superb, but impossible to guess its sound – especially now that he’s added a full band and Grammy-winning producer (Geoff Sanoff) to the

MP3: The Bodyboarders – “Maria”

“Every song is written and recorded in a few hours in our little bedroom studio called 'Bungalow Beach',” one-half of The Bodyboarders, Peter Darlington, says. “We're really into capturing things quickly.” This

MP3: Matthew Dear – “Earthforms”

The dark and grimy vocal effect on Matthew Dear’s new effort, “Earthforms”, is otherworldly and haunting, much like the work of The Knife, whose personality and emotion are easily conveyed with the

MP3: Meowtain – “Hex”

Meowtain are an energetic young trio led by the strong vocal presence of Lizzie Gomez, whose shouts and brooding tonal shifts on “Hex” resemble a rock ‘n’ roll teen prodigy with an

New Albums

Carey Clayton – ‘Headless’

Los Angeles-based artist Carey Clayton embraces a gorgeous, textured pop and rock intertwining on the new album Headless. Frequently hypnotic in its layered production


Luga – ‘Become’ EP

The Become EP showcases the blissfully atmospheric sound of Luga. The project of Brighton, UK-based artist Lewis Broad-Ashman impresses with a sound