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Her Vanished Grace

October 26, 2009
Continuing with the recent theme of atmospheric pop music that Washed Out and Neon Indian showed us, Her Vanished Grace deliver a similar sort of layer-based sereneness that differentiates itself through dark and moody Brit-rock instead of chilly electronica or sample-based experimentation. By most account...

The Flaming Lips – Embryonic (2009)

October 13, 2009
by Mike Mineo The author for the impending Flaming Lips biography must have it rough. There are few bands as consistently groundbreaking as Wayne Coyne and company, who would often devote concepts or stylistic trends into their work that defy the conventional norm. There was never a concise way to describe...

UltraChorus Goes Ultra-Def

October 6, 2009
We are producers. We make music for you. This is what UltraChorus convey on their web site, almost sounding like they cater to artists more than listeners in doing so. Such circumstances have the likelihood of create hazardous listening barriers, but in the realm of electronic-pop music it can actually mak...

Love Comes Close in a Cold Cave

July 21, 2009
Like most stylistically unclassifiable acts, the sheer oddity of Cold Cave can only be explained by dissecting each member’s role. And when each collaborator’s presence is already shrouded in a unique enigma because of creative and somewhat intimidating content from their past projects, the supplied expect...

Searching for Clues

April 7, 2009
What artist doesn’t want attention? Many of them send out hordes of e-mails and MySpace invitations to the point where it nearly seems like spam. It may seem like a nuisance to even the most passionate music fan, but what separates these artists from the pseudo-corporations is their justification in doing ...

The Mint Chicks

March 25, 2009
Now that Flight of the Conchords have achieved immense and well-deserved success stateside, a brighter light has shined upon New Zealand’s prosperous music scene. Quantity has never really been an issue for the island in the Pacific, but finding success there can be very arduous when applied to the obstacl...

The Leisure Society

February 10, 2009
When the time occurs in which technology overtakes many basic human functions and automation becomes a habit, many futurists claim that we will revert into something of a “leisure society”. John Maynard Keynes, one of the forefathers of macroeconomics, projected that most modernized countries would see a d...

Best Albums of 2008: #20 to #11

December 18, 2008
by Mike Mineo ———————————————————————————————– 20. Ra Ra Riot – The Rhumb Line Losing a member of a band to d...

Loquat Discovers the Secrets of the Sea

August 26, 2008
It must be a thrill to have a professional song written about yourself. Even one success could bring the targeted interest to their knees, especially if the songwriter at hand actually holds a reciprocated romantic interest of some sort. Unlike other indie-pop groups who were already conjoined by romantic ...

It’s a Ra Ra Riot

August 12, 2008
Losing a member of a band to death can be devastating. No matter how many arguments and fistfights were initiated in the past, it is a fact that many groups tend to form a family-like bond after years and even months of touring and working together. This is especially the case for bands that are […]